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Play Setup

Slot Receiver on each side and Running Back lined up direct behind Quarterback

QB Reads

  1. Slot – Short Drag
  2. Slot – Intermediate Drag
  3. Running Back – Streak up Sideline
  4. Center – Streak up Middle

A good short-yardage completion play with deep options. The Slot receiver routes are interchangeable. The first read is the Slot receiver running the short drag (3-4 yards). The pass will usually be completed around the middle of the field. The second option is the other Slot receiver running a deeper drag (6-9 yards). This pass will generally be completed to the receiver after he has crossed the middle of the field. If both Slot receivers are covered, the next options are the Center and Running Back flying down the field. The pass to the center is a tough one as the ball’s flight would be right over his head. If neither of the deep routes are open, then it becomes a scramble situation where all receivers break their routes and fight to get open.

Play Variation


Since the Center is mainly a decoy on this route, I have him run a Go. However, sometimes you may need a deep completion.

To make the throw to the Center a little easier have the Center start the route by running toward the corner and then back toward the middle of the field. This will give the QB a little better angle.

You can also have the QB roll a couple of yards left or right to make this a better angle.