Play Setup

Slot Receiver on each side and Running Back lined up direct behind Quarterback

QB Read

  1. Either Slot – Smash route
  2. Corner Route on the same side
  3. Opposite Corner Route
  4. Opposite Slot


After running a few plays where the receivers are constantly coming across the middle of the field, incorporate a couple smash routes to switch things up a bit.

Both Slot receivers are running a smash route where they run a drag route for 3-4 steps, then turn the route back out.

The Center and Running Back run Corner routes to opposite sides.

The QB read starts short on one side and flows around the field ending on the other short side.

This play is a good goal-line play as many normal zone defense teams switch to man on the goal line. Many teams fire quickly on the goal line. Because of this, the defense may be extra aggressive on the drag portion of the smash route making the cut back out wide open. Also, the back corners of the end zone are usually susceptible in goal-line situations.

Play Variations

If using this play on the goal line, have either Center or Running Back stop their route in the middle of the finding an open area.

Have the other run the Corner route. Mix it up with which side the route is run. Against some teams, it may be better for the Corner route to go the same side as the initial Slot receiver read. However, having it run to the opposite, the defense may lose track of the receiver resulting in a wide open score.