Slot Receiver on each side and Running Back lined up direct behind Quarterback

QB Read

  1. Slot – Out
  2. Running Back – Corner
  3. Slot – Post
  4. Center – Hook

Play Description

All playbooks should have a few pass plays with the quick out. These routes are the cornerstone of the nickel and dime offense that just picks up 5-7 yards on first and second down, leaving a manageable third down.

In this play, avoid having the Quarterback fake the handoff. Instead, just have the Running Back run by as the QB begins to roll out. The quarterback should still drop a few steps as he’s rolling out. On the rollout, the QB is looking for the Slot receiver running the short Out.

The second option is the Running Back in the Corner route to the same side the QB rolled.

Coming back across the field, the QB’s third option is the Center finding an open area in the short middle of the field.

The final option is the opposite Slot receiver running a Post.

Play Variation

Some variations of this play involve moving the Out receiver closer to the middle of the field. Also, change the depth at which the Out route is run. With 7-8 years olds, the route is usually 3-4 yards. With 9-10 year olds, the route is 7-10 yards. The depth of the route is dictated more by the ability of the QB to throw an accurate pass on the move while rolling out.