Setup: Slot Receiver on each side and Running Back lined up direct behind Quarterback


  1. Fake handoff to Running Back
  2. Slot – Post
  3. Slot – Deep Drag Sit
  4. Running Back – Wheel
  5. Center – Out opposite side Running Back


You can run this play with or without the fake handoff. I prefer to have it as it may pull the defense toward the line of scrimmage. Also, there may be a tendency to ignore the RB after the fake has occurred.

The first option after the fake is the Slot running a Post route. The two Slot routes are interchangeable. I like having the Post receiver be the one that is on the same side as the Running Back’s wheel route as the goal is to have the safety cover the Post route.

If the Post is covered, the second option depends on the speed of the Running Back. If you need a little more time for the wheel route to develop, the second option is the other Slot receiver dragging over the middle. Have the QB give this receiver a pump fake before looking to the Running Back. If the Wheel route is going to be the second option, have the QB pump fake the Post route receiver.

The third option is the Running Back on the Wheel route. In practice, drill it into your QBs that it’s better to overthrow the receiver instead of underthrowing him. If the Wheel route is covered, the final read is going back to the Slot in the middle or finding the Center.


As mentioned above, you can flip the routes that the Slot receivers run. Also, you can have the Center run a 5 yard hook and the opposite Slot receiver run a short drag. This will give the QB an outlet on the same side of the field as the Wheel route so the QB does not have to scan back to the middle or the other side of the field.