Youth Flag Football Plays - Tight Formation with 2 Deep

Setup: Balanced Tight – I Formation


  1. Tight – Corner
  2. Tight – Wheel
  3. Center – Deep Out toward wheel route side – find an open area.
  4. Running Back – Angle Route – Find space in middle of field.


For this play, the first read is looking for the receiver running the corner. However, this read is more to try to pull the safety to that side of the field. However, if receiver is open, definitely take advantage of the situation. If not open, the Quarterback should give a pump fake to try to get the defense moving toward that side of the field.

After a two count (and avoiding the rush if coming), the next read is the tight receiver running the wheel route. If looking to the other side and the pump fake are successful, then this receiver should be open fairly often. When this receiver is running the out portion of the route, he should put his hand up, calling for the ball by waving his hand, not his mouth. This may entice his defender to close in faster fearing an out pass. This can provide more separation as the receiver sprints down field on the go route.

If the wheel route is covered, then the next two options are in the middle of the field at the 5 and 10 yard levels.

With any deep pass play with double moves or secondary options, the opponent’s rush can be an issue. This play may be one that you only use a few times a season if you’re facing teams that have an excellent rush. However, you need some youth flag football plays like this as an option in your playbook arsenal because they can bring some huge benefits in the right situation.


One variation is to move the receiver running the wheel route further out toward the sideline. This will speed up the route. However, speeding up the wheel route does give the defense a chance to see the route happening. The main goal is to get everyone looking toward the corner route and forgetting about the receiver running the out on the other side (which becomes a streak down the side line).