Setup: Balanced Tight – I Formation

Read: The QB read on this play can either be short to long or long to short depending on the situation. Below is the long to short read.

  1. Tight Right – Corner
  2. Center – Out
  3. Tight Left – Drag
  4. RB – Angle Route – Find space in middle


This play provides the offense with receivers at three levels on the field. The Center’s route should be about 4 yards. The Left Receiver should drag across the field around 8 yards. The Right Receiver runs a corner routes and continues down field. The Running Back should find an open space in the middle of the field about 5 yards deep.

An aggressive safety may bite on the fake to the running back making the deep corner route a viable option. Pre snap, the QB should identify the defense and the safety that should be covering the corner route. After the play fake, if the safety has moved closer to the line of scrimmage, then the odds are that the corner route should be open.

Variation: Put your QB (best runner) at Running Back to start the play. Instead of faking the handoff, give the ball to the running back. The RB now becomes the QB and rolls right going through the reads, but now the play has the option of running the ball. The QB assumes the RB route on the original play and looks for an opening in the middle.

Another play that floods one side of the defense is Trips – Double Drag. It takes a little longer to develop but ultimately you will have three receivers attacking one side of the field.