Setup – Trips – Wide, Slot, Tight

Read: Short to Deep or Deep to Short (depending on the situation)

  1. Wide – Short Drag
  2. Center – Corner-Post to Trips side of the field
  3. Slot/Tight – Hook


Depending on the situation of the game and what you’re looking to do, this play can work with short or deep routes as the first option. If you want to throw deep, the first option is the Center on the Corner-Post route. With the Slot and Tight receivers each running 5-7 yard hooks, the goal is to get the defense’s deep defender on that side of the field to come up and cover one of these receivers opening it up for the Center to get behind the defense.

If the center is covered, the next option is the Wide receiver coming across the field on the short Drag. With the Trips formation, the defense may shift their players toward the Trips side of the field. With this short Drag coming across the field, the opposite side may only have one defender for the receiver to beat.

The next option is either the Slot or Tight which both run Hooks. Once the QB checks down to these receivers, they will need to move to get open as they may be covered by one defender. Have the Slot receiver break toward the sideline and the Tight receiver find an open spot in the middle of the field.