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Setup: Trips – Wide, Slot, Tight

Read: Deep to Short

  1. Tight – Hand off
  2. Slot – Corner
  3. Center – Go
  4. Tight – Slant
  5. Wide – Hook


This play has a run option that will be most effective if facing a man defense. There is no pre-snap motion. Once the quarterback calls for the ball, the Tight receiver turns back and runs in front of the quarterback looking for the handoff. If the quarterback fakes the handoff, the first passing option is the Slot receiver on the Corner route. This route is good for goal-line situations where the line of scrimmage is about 10 yards out. The throw is a timing route. The QB fakes the handoff and throws toward the back corner immediately.

Through the normal reads of the play, if the Slot receiver is covered, the next option is the Center running a Go/Streak/9. This is usually not open that often, but it does open up the middle for the Tight receiver (Red) running a Slant coming back across the field. With the Red receiver, timing is critical. Red should extend the route almost halfway to the sideline before turning back toward the middle.

The final option is the Wide receiver on the hook on the sideline. This route is mainly to occupy a defender on that side which may open up the corner route for Green. However, if the defender drops to cover Green, then the Blue receiver is a good outlet option.

Play Variation:

One play variation that can be a big hitter is having the Center stop the route at about 7-10 yards and the Blue receiver runs a delayed post route. Basically, if Green is covered by a safety, the deep middle may wide open for the Blue on the post route. You can also have the Center (Black) run a corner route opposite of Green which may open up the middle even more Blue on the post route.

Another Trips Running Play:

Here is another running play with a tight trips formation. This play is geared toward younger ages mainly because older teams tend to be more disciplined with their defense. However, you may find situations where this play will work even with older ages.