Setup: Trips – Wide, Slot, Tight

Read: Run First – then deep to short

  1. Wide – Hand off
  2. Slot – Wheel
  3. Tight – Post
  4. Center – Hook
  5. Wide – Short opposite sideline


This play includes an option to run. If your opponent is playing man, running this play will quickly get them out of this defense (or at least it should).

On the quarterback’s “Set!”, the Wide receiver comes in motion to end up in front of the quarterback, parallel to the line of scrimmage. The quarterback should call for the ball just before the receiver arrives. The quarterback can hand off here where the play turns into the receiver becoming a running back and just trying to beat the defense.

If the quarterback does not hand off, the Wide receiver should get to the opposite sideline just beyond the line scrimmage.

The first passing look is the Slot receiver running the wheel route. If the route is covered, then the next option is the Tight receiver on the Post. The third option is the center on the hook and the fourth option is the Wide receiver who was faked the handoff. After being faked the handoff and running toward the opposite sideline, the receiver should be streaking downfield.

Play Variation:

If playing a defense with a single safety, consider moving the Tight receiver (Post) closer to the Center. This should help move the safety further away from Slot receiver’s wheel route. If the defense playing with 2 safeties, then move the Slot receiver further out toward the sideline. You want the safety on the strong side of the field to run with the receiver to open up the wheel route.

Another variation is to have the Wide receiver (after being faked the handoff) sprint to the sideline and then wait just beyond the line of scrimmage. He may be left alone and be open for the outlet should none of the other receivers break open.

With younger ages (7-8) where your quarterback may have some arm strength, have the Green receiver run a hook instead. Also, have Blue stop the route just beyond the line of scrimmage. This will give your quarterback some shorter options while still having the deeper option on the wheel route.