Play Setup

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The setup of this twins flag football play has the twins side receivers in the Wide and Slot positions. The single-side receiver is Wide.

QB Read

  1. Shovel pass to Twins Wide (Red) – Short Drag
  2. Handoff to Single Wide (Blue)
  3. Quarterback keeps ball and looks for Single Wide (Blue) up sideline on Go route
  4. Twins Slot (Green) – Outlet – moving to get open

Play Description

Many youth leagues do not allow laterals or forward passes behind the line of scrimmage. This eliminates basic pitch plays to the Running Back and bubble screens to the Receivers.

This play mimics some of the actions that usually incorporate a pitch option.

The Single Wide receiver comes in motion and the QB calls for the ball just before he arrives. They both roll out toward the Twins side of the field. Both the Center and Twins Slot receivers run 5-7 yard hooks. The Twins Wide receiver runs a 1-2 yard drag in.

As the QB and WR continue to roll toward the sideline, the QB can flip the ball to the receiver running the drag route underneath.

The next option is for the QB to hand off to the WR (this would be much better if you can pitch the ball). With two kids running the same way, it can be a difficult exchange. This will take some practice time to perfect.

The QB can keep the ball stopping about halfway toward the sideline. The WR that came in motion should continue the sideline and then swing upfield. The QB can throw the ball here (make sure the ball is caught beyond the line of scrimmage). Or the QB can wait a couple of seconds and throw the ball to the same receiver running a 9 route (Go) up the sideline.

Play Variation

If your team is having trouble with the motion, you can line up the receiver in the backfield behind the QB and start the play from there without going in motion.