Setup: Twins Wide, Slot Single Wide

Read: The Quarterback read on this play is wide open. The 3 receivers are each running a slant. The defense will dictate which receiver is the first option. However, in many situations, the read will be:

  1. Single Wide – Slant
  2. Twins Slot – Flat Slant


With many flag football defenses giving up the middle, the first option is generally the Single Wide running his slant at about 45 degrees. The receiver should try to get underneath any defender that is in the area. If the QB can hit him in stride, this can be a quick hitter that results in some good yards.

The second option is the Twins Slot receiver running what we call a flat slant. This is a slant at about 30 degrees. It’s almost like a short drag route, but the receiver is getting downfield instead of running parallel to the line of the scrimmage.

The third option is the center running the Corner route to the single side.

The final option is the Twins Wide receiver which at this point should be deep over the middle. Though with the Single Wide receiver in the same area, this may not be an option.

There are a few things to consider when running this play. It is meant to be a quick hit to one of the slant routes. You can assign some kind of designation so you can call what route the QB should start with. I use X, Y, and Z to note the three non center, non quarterback players. If the quarterback was looking at his receivers from left to right, the furthest to left is X, the middle receiver is Y, and the farthest right is Z. Once your offense lines up and you’ve had a chance to see the defense, you may call Hot Y to let the QB know that the Twins Slot receiver is the first option.


Some variations in routes can make this play viable beyond the quick hit stage. Instead of running through the defense, have a couple of receivers sit in open areas after their initial slants.

Depending on the speed of your players, you may have to have the Center delay his route as you find the Center and Singe Wide receiver running into each other or slowing each other down.