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  1. Wide – Short Drag
  2. Center – Corner – Twins side
  3. Slot – Hook
  4. Slot – Deep Drag

The main goal of this play is to complete a short pass to the receiver coming underneath (for younger ages, it’s an excellent play for the pass only area). The Wide receiver should only be 1-2 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. For big play opportunities, have your best athlete catch the ball. You can also use this play for your players that may not catch the ball very well. The short play gives them a chance to make a catch during the game.

While the first option is the short drag, the QB should give a quick look to the defense to see if the Center may be open on the Corner route.

On the snap, the Slot receiver (Twins side) runs a 5 yard hook. The Wide receiver takes 1 or 2 steps and crosses the field running just beyond the line of scrimmage.

The Slot opposite the Twins side runs a 7-10 yard drag but should hold up the route in the middle of the field looking for an opening in the zone.

Variation: There are several variations and formations you can design with the sole purpose of completing the short pass.

Check out this other short pass option. The smash route can be very effective when facing an over aggressive defense.